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Chrome widespread bathroom faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Why should the faucet be chrome plated?

1.Metal chromium in the air is very easy to passivation, the surface of the formation of a very thin layer of passivation film. Based on the above characteristics, chromium coating has good chemical stability, that is, corrosion resistance is particularly good. Unlike galvanized and so on, with a long time will rust, aluminum passivation and galvanized horse mouth comparison, in fact, is the same, but chromium than aluminum performance better. 

2.Chromium non-toxic, suitable for the water nozzle, trivalent chromium is the human body needs trace elements, but hexavalent chromium is highly toxic such as water analysis experiments of potassium dichromate is highly toxic.

3.Chrome coating has a very high hardness, good heat resistance, color than other materials to be bright, the new time is relatively long, in particular, in line with GB Gb18145 6.2 appearance quality requirements.


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