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Chrome single handle bathroom faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 31, 2017

1.The ideal cleaning technique is to rinse the faucet with water, and then wipe the hair with a soft cotton all the moisture on the surface of the metal, because the evaporation of water on the metal surface will form scale. Gently wipe, do not force friction. Wipe dry with a sponge and soft leather, make the faucet bright and beautiful.

2.It is best to use a mild liquid glass cleaner, or no acid, no wear and soft liquid and completely dissolved powder, frictionless solution polish can remove the rough on the faucet mask and deposits, do not use any Frictional cleaners, cloth or paper cloth, as well as any acid-containing cleaning agents, polishing rubbers or rough cleaners.


3.The use of a period of time, such as the discovery of water to reduce, or even the phenomenon of water heater flameout, you can gently in the faucet outlet screen cover, remove impurities, the general can be restored as ever.

4.With a soft cloth coated with toothpaste to clean the surface, and then clean the surface with water, can not use alkaline cleaning agent or with scouring pad, wire balls to paint, so as not to damage the plating surface.

5.Single handle faucet in the use of the process, to slowly open and close, double handle faucet can not be too close to death, otherwise it will make water stopper off, causing not shut, can not stop the water.

6.The outlet of the site will generally have a foam device (also known as foam, not the same faucet, foam is also the same), because the water quality problems, often lead to the use of a period of time after the occurrence of small water, which may be because The bubbler is clogged by debris, can be unscrew the foam with clear water or needle to clear debris.

7.Some brands of imported faucet surface plating treatment is quite thick, but also caused its fatal injuries, can not afford to hit or grinding hard objects, so in use, as far as possible to avoid contact with the ring and other hard objects.

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