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Chrome mixer tap kitchen

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2017

Chrome mixer tap kitchen Purchase method

See the brightness

Good lead surface chrome plating process is very particular about the general are a few processes to complete. Distinguish the faucet good or bad depends on the degree of light,the surface of the more smooth the better the quality of the better.

Turn handle

Good leader in the rotation of the handle,the faucet and the switch between the lack of excessive clearance,and off open easily,do not slip. Can not only high-quality faucet gap,a sense of resistance is also large.


Listen to the sound

Leading material is the most bad to distinguish. Good leader is the overall casting,beat up the sound boring. If the sound is very brittle,it must be low stainless steel,which contains more iron elements,the quality will be a bad grade.


If it is not resolved,you can choose a little bit of the brand. General formal products are manufacturers of brand identity,and some non-formal products or some quality of the product is often only paste some paper labels,or even without any mark,buy must be careful.

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