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Chrome bathroom sink faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

1,Look at the size. Before buying the first to confirm the purchase of the basin, stage pots, under the basin are respectively a few holes, usually a single hole, double hole, three holes of the hole from the 100mm, 150mm, 200mm points, to Choose to match the leading.

2,See spool. Now the market is basically selling the faucet ceramic valve core, the price difference is the key inside the faucet is imported ceramic spool or domestic ceramic spool, due to the two kinds of ceramic spoolmaterials and parts processing accuracy Different, but also directly related to the leading life.


3,Look at the appearance. The surface should be shiny uniform, should pay attention to whether the crack, exposed at the end, peeling, dark spots and pitting and other defects; spray surface should be fine, smooth and uniform, pay attention to whether there is hanging flow, exposed at the end of defects. These defects will directly affect the leading life.

4,Look at the material. Pure copper material faucet does not appear water alkali, high quality copper on the human body no harm, in line with environmental concepts, conform to the development needs of the world, pure copper material faucet allows you to drink water, water is more clean and healthy. In the identification of whether it is pure copper material, you can use the quality of hand, pure copper quality heavier, there are some relatively low price of the material, with copper looks almost the same, often the seller is also made of pure copper , But by hand a Britain, you can try out the difference.

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