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Choose to tap the health of water days worry

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 28, 2016

1, triple bath faucet: There are two outlets, a convergence shower, a shower connected to the following faucet for the shower.

2, double basin faucet: for all types of bathroom top of the basin, the export of water is shorter and shorter, mainly used for washing, cleansing.

3, multi-functional kitchen faucet: usually double, can pass hot and cold water. Higher outlet, faucet long front, and some even have a hose, can be multi-angle rotation for scrubbing.

From the structure is divided into:

1, single-handle categories: Features for the switch sensitive, long life, convenient conditioning temperature convenience.

2, with 90 degrees at the beginning of the faucet: the characteristics of the traditional double handle on the basis of the ceramic piece sealed switch handle when turning the handle 90 degrees, two hot and cold water for conditioning, open convenience, diverse styles, Type complex.

3, the traditional spiral stabilized leading (rubber seal): a large amount of water, offer low (currently less choice).

4, stainless steel hollow ball seal and valve stem sealed faucet: usually imported faucet selection, and some even full temperature control, offer more expensive.

Select the faucet, 4 steps to get

1, the main look at appearance: the main faucet by the brass, bronze (or copper alloy) forged by grinding and polishing molding, and then chrome and other exterior treatment. Standardized commodity casting and surface treatment have strict technical requirements, and after neutral salt spray test, should be in the corresponding period of time without corrosion.

Therefore, select the faucet, should be careful to pay attention to its appearance, hand touch no burr, no stomatal investigation, erosion track, no oxidation mottle, bright glossy, feel the coating thickness.

2, quietly rolling handle, is not simple and sensitive, with or without plugging a sense of sluggishness.

3, tap the main body, the sound bored, and carefully investigate the faucet interface is not for the copper, if the percussion sound loud and clear, it may be stainless steel and other raw materials, of course, worse. Hand weight heavier than the leading weight, there is dignified sense.

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