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Brushed nickel kitchen faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 25, 2017

Faucet is the necessary facilities for the kitchen, if not it, human life simply can not imagine. Kitchen faucet category rich, not only diverse materials, modeling staggering, and with different functions, the choice is inevitable dazzling. Here to install the way to teach you to pick.


According to the installation method to choose

Table-mounted and wall-mounted, which has a single-handle and a double handle of the points.

Countertop (single handle)

This faucet has a water outlet, the handle is also a, its installation size generally between 33mm to 39mm, the market is the most common.

Countertop (double handle)

There is a water outlet, but there are two handles, respectively, control the output of cold water and hot water. The distance between the two installation holes of the enterprise products to the same, so the replacement is relatively simple.


Wall-mounted generally can produce cold water and hot water, looks more high-end atmosphere, the installation should be considered and the distance between the sink.

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