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Brushed nickel faucets bathroom

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

1.Look at the size. Before purchasing to confirm the purchase of the column basin, the stage basin, the basin is a few holes, usually have a single hole, double hole, three-hole points, hole distance has 100m 150mm points, to choose the matching faucet.

2.Look at the spool. Now the market is sold in the faucet is basically ceramic spool, the price difference is the key to the faucet is imported ceramic valve core or domestic ceramic valve core, because the two kinds of ceramic spool materials and parts processing accuracy is different, but also directly related to the life of the faucet.


3.Look at the material. Pure copper material faucetwill not appear scale, high-quality copper material to the human body absolutely no harm, in line with the concept of environmental protection, comply with the world's development needs, pure copper faucet can let you drink water, water more clean and healthy. In the identification is pure copper material, can be used hand quality, pure copper quality is heavier some, some relatively low prices of materials, with the appearance of pure copper looks similar, often sellers are said to be made of pure copper, but with the hands of a jolt, you can try out the difference.

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