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Brushed chrome bathroom faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

Chrome is silvery white with a bluish sheen of metal. Chromium coating has a high hardness and wear resistance, its hardness than the most hardened copper quenching, second only to Diamond. Chromium coating heat resistance is good, 500 degrees below its hardness and color has no significant change. In the polished surface of the faucet chrome plated, can be slightly silver blue with a mirror gloss coating. Chromium has a strong passivation ability, on the surface of the workpiece very thin passivation film, and in the humid air does not change, can long maintain its luster appearance, showing a similar to the appearance of precious metals, there is good decorative. 


So the chrome plating process in the faucet application is very common, decorated chromium layer of good gloss, high hardness, good wear resistance, reflective ability, very stable in the atmosphere, can be long-term maintain its luster, even in salt, nitric acid, sulfide, carbonate and organic acid and other corrosive medium is very stable.

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