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Bronze single handle bathroom faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Pay attention to the purchase of faucet:

1.To confirm the purchase of the main column basin, stage basin, the lower basin is a few holes, do not have to worry about the hole distance, are unified size;

2.With the Distributor to confirm that the brand faucet installed in Germany is the import of ceramic raft core. In the phase of its appearance, pay attention to look at its surface finish, to touch the burr, to see if there is no sand holes, cracks, oxidation spots, etc., and then the faucet handle up and down lightly move, such as flexible not loose, no heavy feel can be bought;


3.After the price, for the two hundred or three hundred yuan faucet to be particularly cautious, because its ceramic spool may be homemade, this faucet generally in use after 2-3 months, the handle will appear loose or even dripping phenomenon. So it is advisable to buy a good, lest trouble in the future;

4.Confirm whether there is matching to go to water (separate part with the faucet), good faucet is usually equipped with matching free water. In addition there is blocking water in the protection of sand and gravel, it is also used to protect the faucet ceramic spool is not damaged by sand, prolong its mission life.

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