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Brass kitchen faucets with sprayer

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2017

Purchase Tips

1,Choose the formal purchase of well-known brands.Well-known enterprises in the production and accessories procurement has a strong quality management system,to ensure product quality.At the same time,if there is a problem,the regular shop is relatively easy to coordinate to solve the problem.

2,Carefully check the water nozzleelectroplating quality,good plating process, such as mirror,with the hand on the surface of the click,the traces quickly disappeared.


3,The quality of the hand water nozzle,good faucet is generally very heavy,and zinc alloy water nozzle is very light; by looking at the faucet interface to observe the use of materials and so on,good faucet interior clean dust-free, copper color clean,low-quality copper material turbidity,different shades.

4,Test water mouth switch feel,because the spool is generally used ceramic spool,gently try to open,close, if the feel is very easy,rotation is very smooth,then the valve core hardness,wear resistance is better.

5,When purchasing,pay attention to the sales staff to inquire about the strength of manufacturers,brand visibility and after-sale assurance and so on.

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