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Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Kitchen faucet spool How to change

Method One:

Close the main valve first, then put the faucet on the hands of a 8 mm red and blue mark, buckle down, with a word screwdriver to loosen the screws counterclockwise, take down the handle, open the faucet with a live wrench, with a wrench to the upper part of the gland opened, take out the ceramic spool inside.

Method Two:

First close the main valve, you can use a screwdriver to insert the faucet handle, the right and left to pry, to one side pry, to slowly, the force evenly stable, so you can remove the spool.

Method Three:

First close the main valve, the right handle on the blue lid, with a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the inside of the screws, take off the handle, exposing the spool, and then use the active wrench to unscrew the spool.


How to replace the new spool:

After removing the spool, you will see a blue rubber ring at the bottom of the spool. The general habit is the left valve core is red rubber, and the right valve core is a blue eraser. So change the right valve core, or to use a blue rubber spool, the valve core installed, the handle inserted, adjust the direction of the wheel, the handle to both sides of the water, the direction of the person standing for the boiling water. Put the screws on and cover the blue lid on the right, so the new spool is replaced.

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