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Bathroom Sink Water Faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

The selection criteria are as follows:

1. Wash basin faucet flow strength and the depth of the washbasin below and installed in direct proportion, that is, deep pool to install the strong water faucet. Never install a large faucet on a shallow pool at the bottom, which can cause people to splash with water. In addition, the bottom of the pool should have enough radian, not too flat, or the water will accumulate in it.

2. Wash basin faucet and basin pool of the composition of the relationship, its better design is the water outlet tilt outward. This will not only allow the water column to rush to the hands, but not space. Wash basin faucet often have a problem: when the pressure is too large, a tap, water column suddenly rushed out, splash Splash. A little bit of the wash basin faucet is equipped with water flow to slow the export. In this way, it's great to wash your hands under soft water.


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