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Bathroom shower faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Shower Faucet Installation Steps

One: The inner wire spacing reserved On the wall is a. 5cm, and on a horizontal line.

Two: Put the head of the S connector on. It should be noted here that the 2 S-Joint head is the same height as the wall.

Three: Measure the horizontal degree with the horizontal ruler.

Four: The cover plate in advance, check the S connector head exposed to the height of the wire is long enough, if short, in the installation of the faucet may appear in the case of insufficient leakage. (Add, the cover must not be less than 4 screws to remove the cover plate.) )

Five: Take out the faucet to test, carefully adjust the angle of the joint head, so that faucet cold water pipe interface of the wire nut can be easily screwed on the S connector.


Six: With a horizontal ruler, check the level of the situation, when necessary with a wrench to adjust the left and right s connection head.

Seven: The faucet hot and cold water joint sealing gasket found, in the water bubble 2 minutes, put into the connector inside the wire nut.

Eight: Fastening with a cloth wrapped in the nut, so the faucet surface will not have scratches. At the same time, it should be noted that before the installation of flower sprinkle, water to flush out the impurities in the pipe, clean out.

Nine: The attachment has a center is a metal strainer rubber gasket, put it in the faucet outlet and hose interface position.

Ten: The top of the pipe is connected to the water inlet of the sprinkler.

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