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Bathroom faucets chrome

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

Faucet maintenance Process

1. Determine the cause of the maintenance of the faucet; 2. Preparation of maintenance tools (screwdriver, movable wrench, waterproof tape, etc.); 3. Closing of the total sluice; 4. Repair or replacement of taps; 5. Reinstall; 6. Open sluice test; 7. Clean up the scene.


Faucet FAQ and Maintenance methods

1. Tap water fork or reduced volume, no bubbles

Possible causes: Bubble filter screen fouling or debris and other dirt.

Solution: Remove the faucet and rinse the strainer.

2. The water is small and the effluent is forked

Possible causes: Water pressure is too low or the shower head is clogged with debris or scale accumulation.

Solution: Remove the shower nozzle from the flower sprinkle into the water mouth with a strainer of the rubber washer or cleaning shower top spray to clean.

3. Faucet with noise

Possible causes: High water pressure, rapid closure of faucet handle, poor fixing of hot and cold water pipes, obstruction or scale in the inlet.

Solution: Reduce the water pressure, avoid the rapid closure of the faucet to rebuild the pipeline, check the plumbing and connecting objects (such as water purifiers, water heaters) have no contact.

4. The temperature adjustment is not easy and the water temperature often varies

Possible causes: Cold hot water pressure is too large, or water heaters to improve the water temperature too long.

Solution: The hot and cold triangle valve to reduce the pressure balance to ensure that the water heater can keep up with the water speed.

Kitchen faucet Repair

The most practical way to repair the faucet, after watching their own can be done

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