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Bathroom faucets 8 inch spread

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Bathroom faucet Buy small reminder

Shower or bathtub with the faucet, as far as possible to avoid the use of square with sharp corners of the faucet, such as the faucet style may look good, but there is a great safety hazard. Because in case of slipping, the body touches such a sharp angle of the faucet, the consequence is probably very serious. Now a lot of new products shower or bathtub taps are automatic water separator, just to tap the hand can realize the mouth, shower, top spray water conversion, more convenient than the traditional pull-type separator.


Most of the shower or bathtub faucet because of the installation of the way, the use of dual-hole water in the way, due to excellent copper heat conductivity, this way hot water flow through the faucet inside the pipe, will lead to the shell fever. Believe that many consumers have in the wash the head closed eyes to control the faucet and accidentally burned to the experience bar. The use of dark-installed faucet can be the main body of the faucet buried in the wall to avoid this situation. But the dark-installed faucet also has a high price, not easy to repair the disadvantage. Some manufacturers have begun to improve the way the faucet inside the pipeline, so that cold water in the outside of the faucet through, and hot water in the inner layer to solve this problem.

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