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Bathroom 8 inch widespread faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

How high is the bathtub faucet installed?

Bathtub faucet to the height of the strict requirements, installation should also pay attention to leakage and other problems, so in the bathtub mixer when the installation of the owner to consider the convenience of use. How high is the bathtub faucet?


The suitability of the bathtub faucet is directly related to the user's ease of use and comfort. and bathtub according to the installation of separate bathtub and on-stage bathtub, stand-alone bathtub wall can be equipped with a dark bathtub faucet. Stand alone with a bathtub faucet. The bathtub in the table width of 900 Shan, bathtub bottom 100 Shan, bathtub height of 550 Shan, bathtub faucet installation height of 750 Shan (dark). This will ensure a comfortable experience when bathing.

Mixing water valve Depending on the height of the bathtub, high out of the bathtub 20-30 is divided into suitable, too high easy splash, too low hose affected. The height of the bathtub is generally 600MM high, so the height of the wall-mounted faucet is 80-90 company (follow the ground). The drain hole is just the area in the bath.

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