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Antique brass faucet kitchen

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

How to choose the kitchen faucet?


When choosing a faucet, you can move a few of its switches to see if the parts are solid. Usually the quality of the faucet in the rotation of the handle, the faucet and switch between the gap will not appear too big, and in closing, open more easily, not easy to slip.


Spool is the heart of the whole faucet, the material used is more critical. Try to select the use of ceramic tablets, this is because of its wear resistance, sealing is relatively high, the use of the time will be longer. And it is not easy to leak the situation, the use will be much smoother.

3.The water is big, fast

The last step is to see the water tap. It is best to buy a large water volume and relatively soft, and the speed of the water is also relatively fast faucet, so that you can avoid too much waste of resources.


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