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Antique brass bathroom sink faucets

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

How to change the bathroom faucet

1.First of all, we have to turn off the water valve at home, otherwise it is difficult to change the faucet.

2.Will open the faucet to release the water and pressure (some of the pipe water may be more, in order to avoid the demolition of our water when spraying)

3.Use a spanner to turn the faucet upside down, try to slow down, in case the faucet time long broken inside can be troublesome.


4.Will need to change the direction of the faucetis wrapped in raw materials with 15 laps around, not too much but not too little, can be based on the actual situation.

5.The alignment of the wire to tighten, pay attention to when twisting some of the time to twist it is not in the twist, in order to next good demolition.

6.Open the main valve on the OK, if you look at the junction leakage can be screwed in a circle can be, or remove add raw materials.

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