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8 inch bathroom faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

Bathroom faucet dripping what to do?

1.Roughly look at the faucet leaking parts, and then the tap switch on the trademark removed, you can see a cross screw, with a screwdriver will screw the tap after the removal of the switch (to the outside, such as with the hands can not move, the use of small hammer tap)

2.The second step is to remove the faucet after the switch, with wrench counterclockwise to remove the faucet.

3.The rubber ring at the top of the faucet is singled out with a screwdriver. This water faucet leakage situation will be somewhat relieved.


4.Use scissors to trim 2 mm thick rubber into the same size as the faucet core rubber ring. This is to help the water faucet to improve the situation.

5.The trimmed rubber ring into the faucet core, and then the original rubber ring, press the homemade rubber ring, and finally the faucet will be installed.

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