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How to replace bathroom sink and faucet

Goodro Kitchen and Bath Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 12, 2017

Faucet Installation Considerations

1.The installation of the faucet before the need to flush, wash the silt impurities in the water pipe, remove the debris in the installation hole, and check the packaging box of the accessories do not mix impurities, so as to avoid clogging or wear ceramic spool.

2.The use of metal hose to connect the water pipe, do not need to consider the location of the installation of water pipes, but it is necessary to note that the length of the hose is usually 30cm (imported dimensions, individual brands or hard tubes), with metal pipes connected to the pipe, then we should first buy the faucet, and then according to the length of the faucet hard tube to lay the water pipe, of course, from the service life, the hard tube is better than the hose, the same, in the installation of the sink faucet, such as pipe laying in the top of the sink, then installed into the wall sink On the contrary, install the common sink faucet.


3.The related accessories of the import faucet are different from the domestic faucet. The general import faucet's upper water pipe has the soft, the hard cent, but to the hose (stainless steel braided pipe) The most, the active nut end has the imperial 3/8 inches, and its match can only choose the imported triangle valve, in addition, the water component tube mouth is 11/4 inches.

4.Take over, the left side is hot water, right is cold water, the two tubes are mm. The inlet joint position is fixed and then remove the faucet, after the wall surface muddy water work completes, then installs the faucet, lest the faucet surface coating is worn, scratches the flower. If the use of imported products such as flushing, the installation of booster pumps in advance to ensure normal effluent.

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